World of Tanks – Patch 9.5 – FV4101 Charioteer

The new British tier 8 tank destroyer has been compared to the Hellcat, and with good reason. They’re both fast, turreted and have powerful guns, and I predict that Charioteer drivers are going to be the first to die in lots of random matches for exactly the same reasons, because the Charioteer has the same limitations as the Hellcat too, except they’re worse at tier 8. – Play World of Tanks Free

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  1. Matteo Wise

    this tank in team battles and strongholds eaaats is3's, and no one will focus you lol

  2. Blackshrk Music

    Lol WoT is Arcade on Arcade game, and looks like a mobile phone, hehehehe War Thunda is better without doubt, but WoT can be nore funny and less stressful than War Thunder.

  3. Speedy

    So how fare the HE rounds? They have a 105mm potential penetration with 480 damage which sounds like it could be really good in say a top tier match or against anything not a heavy but does anyone have experience with this?

  4. shadowdancerRFW

    The guy in the clip made several great mistakes, luck was heavily on his side.

    Still, I'm disapointed by this tank after seeing it. I was expecting a T8 Hellcat, it isn't. The depression and elevation are very bad, unlike Hellcat. That is a very big deal when you're playing weak nimble heavy hitters. Not on my taste.

  5. trevpr1

    This vehicle has so far turned out to be everything it promised.  It is a shame the L7 gun is about to get a significant penetration nerf.

  6. midguardz

    But now the gun is getting nerfed

  7. Collin Rice

    Hellcat= Fastest tank in the game

  8. Alexander Luis

    I'm going to get this tank but I'm still using grinding out in the Challenger. Is it worth the grind

  9. Pahis

    Im starting to really hate this tank.. 105mm gun is too unreliable, 269mm penetration sounds great but it feels more like its something like 170mm. Today i had two fully aimed shots on Elc AMX, both shots hit but didnt penetrate…wft is that!?! Also accuracy on this 105mm is crap.



  11. Shankmeyster

    still have yet to see the new maps

  12. ZyTech

    Basically, snipe the red line

  13. Michael Carpino

    cromwell is you?

  14. Mechjunkie

    =( your making me die while I download the patch

  15. Bartek Sobula

    6:20 lots of hellcats die in tier 10 matches? Hellcats must have bad matchmaking

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