World of Tanks – Pay to Win?

This week as we remember all those who gave their lives for us all and we give thanks for their courage, I have been doing some WoT such a shame its just a pay to win game.

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    Started playing this game today, cant wait to se the stats on the m1 sherman

  2. Mr. Atari 2600

    War Thunder is better.

  3. Filip J

    WOT is casual player oriented game in other words from more experienced gamers point of view it is pay to troll game

  4. Eidoss

    Guys he has 555WN8, do I need to say more?

  5. Microage

    Long story short: You can't aim

  6. Fabian jesus

    hola a todos pues SI es un juego 100% PAY to WIN.

    El simple echo de tener munición que penetra mas por lo tanto obtendrá menos rebotes lo que se traducen en 1v1 el que usa munición premium tiene muchasssss mas posibilidades de ganar ya que menos revotes equivale a mas daño XD.

    Muchos diréis PE PE PEROOOOO se puede comprar con dinero del juego,
    es verdad pero cuesta tan cara que si pegas 3 disparos (sobre todo fallidos) se van tus ganancias a la m… es mas perderás dinero por lo que no avanzaras y tardaras 20 años en llegar al nivel x.

    Claro esta la habilidad cuenta por supuesto, pero miren este caso  2 clones con el mismo tanque ej: t110e5 y los dos con la misma habilidad en el juego uno con munición premium y otro munición normal yo diría que se nota la diferencia,

    resumen: si es 100% pay to win a quien le moleste pues lo siento es mi opinión cada uno lo ve a su forma, pero los que usan balas premium si no da tanta ventaja ¿por que lo usan?….. ya se sabe por que XD

  7. Paul trotter

    that is so true. and how much fun does that take out of the game. after a while say you do buy the best you can get. is it really going to be fun when you never die and shoot everybody all of the time. id got high hopes for world of tanks after the new graphics upgrade. and playing armored warfare and war thunder. i was hoping i could get into world of tanks. but am sick of it. how some guys can come out of nowhere and blast you to bits before you can even press the mouse button. its a joke. apart from armored warfare which is a great game but i fear may go the same way. i think the most fun tank game is tanks in war thunder. at least you feel like you have a fighting chance. also in armored warfare. you can play pve. and its great fun. you get a good bit of time to play. unlike the pvp in world of tanks. where you turn a corner after you spawn and thats you dead. its pathetic. they may as well be using cheats. its really that bad. sucks. am really fed up with wot

  8. Charlie Chuckleberry

    Thumbs up for being honest!

  9. Lonzo Ball THE GOAT

    If you losers would learn to play, you wouldn't need gold ammo…FUCKING NOOBS ANGRY THAT THEY GET THEIR ASSES KICKED…

  10. Sebastian Versleijen


  11. Stephen Bruce

    yes i agree with you.  gold ammo gives an unfair advantage over standard.  but i have some great fun in the low tier slap down random matches.

  12. MisF1t

    wot is pay to play

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