1. Gage Saw

    best luchs replay

  2. nikol_oza

    what means 2500 gold ? you pay them ? or how this ?

  3. KAZAZcayden

    This ain't pc dumb ass but I like ur vids

  4. ツHeRo Alpoツ

    1.M45 Bulldogs 2.O-Ho 3.IS-7 3.Skoda T 40 4.Luchs

  5. Adam A.

    How do u submit your replay to be futured?

  6. Vavá das Artilharias

    The Luchs pack…
    (I was expecting something like "Hellcat", or anything like that)

  7. Callsign: Wolfhound

    That documentary was fantastic!! Do it again sometime!

  8. Callsign: Wolfhound

    You miss 100% percent of the shots you don't take.
    -Wayne Gretzky (Best all time hockey player)

  9. Moon_Rise_

    То чувство когда русский находится посреди американцев…

  10. Golem WoT

    Sooooo it's a Saint Emil now instead of a Sturer Emil?

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