1. Joseph Boccarossa

    This video is perfection XD

  2. Emiya Kiritsugu

    Oh yeah enemy ELC AMX track absorbed my Tiger P 88mm AT cannon. "Totally legit"

  3. The Badass Bassist

    Captions are wrong. It's "Duck" not "dog"

  4. Keijo 420

    just back up constantly in the is 2 and the tranny and radiators and engine will soak all shrapnel… oh wait, this is wot and doesn't know those kinda mechanics

  5. Eris Rubik

    If the worm was acting as a HEAT Shell Shouldn't one of those six purchase squares for shells have him lol

  6. CJ Jupiter

    The puppet looks like a "D" or a sperm… trying to penetrate something. XD

  7. MotherLand Russia

    there are some noob tier ones. where they show Their backs while fighting and when they get killed they rage. 😛 nubs

  8. SPaMuRai GRaNaTaBRu

    Girls und panzer fan?

  9. willcutty

    Very good thanks Chieftain good beginners guide
    Sent a copy to the British army they might name a tank after you!

  10. Kraftsman Sheng


  11. Jestem Szympansem

    02:02 nice blowjob procector

  12. Elemental Nuke

    allow me to translate what chieftain points out on a model Sherman tank: This is the frontal armor where the driver sits along with a machine gunner. on the side of the tank we have a thing called the side armor. the side armor is much weaker than your frontal armor and as you can see here with this wonderful tank model, you see beautiful squares that you can hug (not literally). and finally we have a thing called the rear armor. DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!

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