World of Tanks PC – Revolaris „The French Alpha“

The Sherman M4A1 Revalorisé is an unusual addition to the French Tech Tree. What is this tank and how do you play it? How do you survive until the end of the battle and earn more credits? You will find answers to these questions and more in our new video.

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  1. Lancer Villacorta

    God,French language really is hard. Revalorisé sounds like Revawoluse or something.

  2. Jason Cox

    Update your tank vids

  3. Viktor Colovic

    Ever heard of the SO-122?

  4. Philippe Lefebvre

    Oh, World of Tanks North America, i see that you didn't put the "acute accent E" (in french: E accent aigu). To do the "acute accent E" (i don't know if that's how you call it in English btw…) with an English keyboard, you have to press the Alt key, then press 1, then 2, then 3. (My keyboard is english) Watch: é (you need to press Alt first, then the 1, then the 2, then the 3, then let go of Alt).

  5. David Ž. Q

    Im annoied by how he says reveroliseee

  6. Dr Friedrich Heinrich Ludwig Hoffman Wittgenstein

    am gunnna buy thiss

  7. Dennis Zhao

    Where is the chinese alpha?

  8. fliby mone

    thy light french tanks will become french fries

  9. Jame's

    every time the man say "The revolurise…" i laugh out loud 😀

  10. stubbk3

    I so want this tank . addicted to playing shermans for some reason. want fury too but missed out on that

  11. Rocket 18009

    OMG it's a super Sherman

  12. Level up with Doruta DIY

    This french is getting some love in 9.17 update! 🙂

  13. qwerty q

    revalorisè means inproved so its m4 sherman inproved

  14. Evan111

    how much and how do i get in game?

  15. Adam

    I want this, any idea when it'll come to the Xbox ?

  16. EnTeR KenjiBoiii

    Can WG make 9s reload, 15s reload is s*ck

  17. Radar

    Nice job WG added the worst tank in the French tech tree..

  18. Selim Isik

    2.28 shooting borsig with apcr GJ!

  19. Brian Matteuzzi

    i love this premium

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