1. sochi11

    this is soooo frustraiting when your regular ammo is just simply not enough. 8 out of 10 it is a must to use Heat, and as we all know, it is expensive. the same issue is with is6.
    New premium tanks offers so much more in terms of armor and fire power that its not even funny

  2. Adam C.

    Lol so just another heavy

  3. Lawrence Best

    The Chinese didn't give the tank view range thats something you added , in real life any tank can spot anything at any range

  4. ForzaS1

    "Gun laying drive is a must" … * facedesk *

  5. Alpha Killer

    Actually, I'm going for the Chinese mediums (they're better than the heavies)

  6. Trent Elledge

    I know Russian tanks can side scarp but can the Chinese do the same?

  7. Maria Maglaqui

    IS 6 is a much more balanced vehicle

  8. KandaPanda

    "situational use of premium ammo" …….I heard "spam prammo"

    will do. 😀

  9. joe hendrix

    so they put a tier 8 heavy tank out with a gun that is only useful when using prammo. Nah I'll pass.

  10. TheWolfGamer Dude

    112 does 390 on paper well IS-6 does 400-500 dmg dude… it can trust me the IS-6 is better I'm sorry to say it


    112 baff pleas

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