1. Heath Ledger

    Havoc is deah, right?

  2. WN8OverR9000

    Hey! It's only been 3 years 3 months since this video was uploaded there's no hurry to actually introduce these features yet!!!!

  3. GrumpyOld Bugger


  4. GrumpyOld Bugger

    Try playing wot with a 16 core system it wont get used.

  5. GrumpyOld Bugger

    World of Tanks is shit and it has the most lousy game engine to go with it even in 2015 adding a physics engine to a already rubbish game engine will just make it worse.

  6. Dorian Pillari

    you suck wargaming

  7. The Rogue Adventurers.

    Up coming features! haha don't make me laugh!!!

  8. TreeSlayer

    upcomming, still waiting

  9. Modderhoop

    When is this gona be in the game??

  10. PUN Cake

    Well i did not happened.The building physics was canceled becouse of the FPS problems.. the massive FPS Drop

  11. Brian P.

    Is this for consoles too? The update?

  12. Card Collins

    When are they adding the flip overs o.o and building destruction