World of Tanks – Please Form an Orderly Line

Two battles today because they’re both a bit short, and the significance of the title won’t become apparent until the second battle. 🙂

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  1. Hesston Smith

    notices 100 mm guns on both azizuki and lorraine

    man, if the azizuki was a support ship

    I guess it would really lorraine

    (get it? rain?)

  2. vanvan22

    Hahhaahaha !

  3. Waifu Racer 2000

    When you hear classical music at the start of a Jingles video, you know this is gonna be hillarious

  4. Stephen Clark

    "hey tam" lol.

  5. Daniel Vestøl

    I am just here to tell you that Mads is pronounced more like Mats than Mad.

  6. Richard Holmes

    I have to at 15 as I grind that line what's it like compared to th at 15a

  7. Jonas Allermand

    Yeah Mads is a danish name 🙂 You actually don't prunounce (spelled?) the d, so it's "mas"

  8. Logan Ryder

    you forgot King Arthur with Owen Wilson. He was in that before 007:)

  9. Lazy

    Well Jingles, wouldn't you go brown alert if a 112 came rumbling around a corner, gun pointed at you?

  10. Mac Haggis

    I would still preer one funny video than two boring ones :/

  11. Mateusz Mysiak

    Wow. Two replays. How I miss multiple-replay videos times. Thx for this one.

  12. Recath

    saw the title, insta clicked, my lemming senses are tingling

  13. IAQMas

    Youtube "American wood ech." ruined this song for me 😀

  14. MrSwiftblade

    Jingles, in case you didn't know, the Lorraine was tier 8 before it became tier 9 and then became tier 8 premium. Just thought I'd mention it.

  15. James Bernadette

    That 112 needs a shoutout 🙂 Although on paper he was around the middle of his team by experience, he proved his worth by being on the right spot at the right time to give support for the Lorraine 40t by his presence alone, something the game wont and easily can't particularly reward you for. Nonetheless, he pulled his weight towards the victory 🙂

  16. James Bernadette

    I still read the intro as "World of Tanks with BERT" xD

  17. Procrastinator7

    You should watch the danish movie "Pusher" with Mads Mikkelsen, jingles. Great movie! There are a couple of sequels that are good too. Mads Mikkelsen has made a ton of great danish movies actually. Flickering Lights and The Green Butchers for example, both pretty crazy and funny.

  18. MightyJoe

    awesome games two games

  19. TheGoldenWolf

    Lorraine 40t… became my favorite tank in the game the first battle I played in it after wargaming put it into the shop 😀

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