World of Tanks Promotional Code

For your 10000 gold promotional code enter:

A wide number of people are playing World of Tanks nowadays
but not everyone has the possibility of purchasing gold for premium bonuses and
ammunition. Having this fact in consideration we are offering 10000 Gold to current players


  1. natlia petrova

    so many Gold, i left a message on the site aswell heh

  2. jose juan perez novoa

    this is great! thanks guys and hope this isn't a one time offer 😀

  3. Guybrush threepwood

    woah… i didnt think it was possible to get so much gold 😮 thanks !

  4. Will Milton

    oh thanks man, i got my promotional code right now .

  5. Storm Promotion


  6. Elle Night

    you are so great for this, i thank you much for giving a chance to have some gold

  7. Harvey Andre

    entered… shared… got the code… simple enough

  8. Dorine Bona

    awesomeeee!! looking arround some videos and this pops up, lucky i guess

  9. Fariz Affan

    soo cool… finaly something that works and isnt just the waste of time! i liked, subscribed, favored and shared!

  10. Paul Robota

    i just redeemed the gold, thank you

  11. storta pertu

    this whole thing took 3 minutes, you guys are awesome for, thank you for the help

  12. Has Sun

    great job, the giveaway was just on tine :D, thanks

  13. Andy Berto

    do you still have some? i so want this!

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