WORLD OF TANKS PS4 Gameplay – Part 1 – Tutorial Let’s Play! | xxSnEaKyGxx (SnEaKy Nation)

World of Tanks PS4 Gameplay Part 1 features the Tutorial with xxSnEaKyGxx! This World of Tanks Gameplay Let’s Play series will feature PS4 gameplay, every tank, pvp matches, funny moments, and fails!

Thanks for watching SnEaKy Nation and I hope you enjoy!


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  1. Ugandan Knuckles

    My Experience with World of Tanks: Stuck in "Lesson: Equipment and Supplies

    help me.

  2. Itz locky

    There's only 50 people playing out of 8,000

  3. galia blyznyuk

    no t20 is the best!!!!

  4. galia blyznyuk

    yea but in google is not like that

  5. Wyatt Holub

    Just thought I'd let you know cause this guy seems to ask this a LOT "how did I miss?" well you see just cause the crosshair is red doesn't mean you'll hit. In fact the size of the crosshair shows the possible places the shell will end up. So the bigger the crosshair the lower the chance you'll have of hitting the target.

  6. Chris Howard

    So NOT a tutorial then. No demonstration of the controls, just you playing the game. Thanks for the effort!

  7. BigKnucklesX

    That’s how u penetrate the enemy, if u know what I mean 😉

  8. Femi Alaka

    Came here cuz of girls und panzer LOL

  9. Bryan Potter

    Get tips from other youtubes you are good

  10. Bryan Potter

    Joking but

  11. Bryan Potter

    Lol you so bad

  12. Bryan Potter

    Do you know what auto aim is

  13. AidenGaming

    My Ps4 Account is AidenShaun84 Send me friend requests 🙂

  14. Señor Peanut

    Hey if you see this comment I have the game to and I'm pretty good at it if you want to play with me just add me on ps4 my gamer tag is Nicholas98789

  15. Ffionn Cutie fox

    its so freaking hard to play it on ps4

  16. SON OF USLSTER1690

    is this a free game for playstation

  17. Jonathon Tyynismaa

    SneakyGxx how much does it cost