1. RH photo

    Wygląda supcio …

  2. Adam kašík

    Why world of tanks on PS4 are more realistic than world of tanks on PC?

  3. atomic wolf

    I would get the PS4 version but last time I tried it almost took 3 days to get it all downloaded and I have G7 Wi-Fi this game does look epic but I will probably stick with the PC version I really want to play PS4 it though but I can't get it to download properly LOL

  4. Vengo gaming

    Ye ikr the ghraphics is good but its free in ps4 i was si shocked when i saw this in free to play

  5. G Caruso

    Hull is weak, but at least angle it when exchanging rounds.

  6. Dawid Dohnal

    Fajnie grałeś

  7. Kevin Guzo

    Mi Pc tiene mejores graficas que esa lata jaja luego te paso la version HD.. 😛

  8. Crazy Canadian

    Is that even the 105mm gun

  9. Piotr Kedzior

    do 29 fajnie się grało później lipa i męka

  10. Shift The Rift

    25 HE rounds. 25…

  11. hotmandead1

    Crazy armour

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