1. Mario Patton

    Too much luck, and 20 APCR on a tiger? What a newbie, seriously that opposing tiger could've killed ya by now. Well this was a waste of AP rounds, use HE for thin armor!

  2. jay lead

    No skill just luck

  3. Marcus Mgodioso

    looks like a tank game for kids lol

  4. Justin Melton

    5:49 KILL THIEF!


    Nice tho

  6. Tola-Atta

    so frustrating to hear the gun clicks sound when it's loading but you spam R2.

  7. Mohammad Mdallal

    talk about luck hahahah :p you only finished the last tiger , and he almost go you ! that IS player also stayed on the same spot without any reason !
    just damn lucky dude

  8. TigerClaw!

    no acery? LOL

  9. marco m

    That was just straight luck, your skills suck! You only earned 2 of those kills the rest you just finished someone elses work,

  10. Crab Stick

    The desert maps are the best in thus game, they just look better

  11. Jordan Campbell

    people…why are u getting mad because hes using what he likes?? u guys need some help, If u don't like watching someone play with 20 rounds of apcr then to play wot and use 3