World of Tanks – PURE Gameplay [JAGDPANZER E-100 | 9000 DMG by Kaled59]

Looking for some massive shots by the trusty JPZ E100 from World of Tanks? Look no further – we’ve got you covered… The match starts a little slow, so I suggest you start watching from about 4:45 or so. (No commentary, only action…)

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  1. Apeiron TO

    why u still have this retarded purple

  2. Tahvonalle 11

    6:07 dat ammorack hit :DDD

  3. Johnny Baker

    There's my point, one person alone, does not dictate the outcome of a game as has been so stated so many times by ignorant players. Not at you man, just putting out there for the world to know.

  4. slacko1971

    Perfect bat chat play

  5. DeathNote 59

    Thx for upload

  6. EnlistedAura23

    Anyone else notice the 2 Grille 15's killing each other?

  7. Julian Zejdler

    world of tanks

  8. The Blitz Bin

    He really regrets using his repair at the beginning for no reason now, doesn't he?

  9. joshua froughton

    1900 hp ammo rack on the sti, holy fuck dude

  10. Enzo Foot Gaming olita

    i love World of tanks

  11. Random Account LOL

    well played and a big gg to him 🙂

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