World of Tanks || QSF vs TR4P – SH Advance ||

Recorded some time ago, I will do some more SH videos soon, seeing as I don’t play randoms anymore 😀 But first, 40 minutes of SH gameruuus vs TR4P

Memo: Play more maus

Kevin MacLeod (
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  1. UnpaBGD

    My tonk in vid yes!

  2. Unable Pown

    Maus is love Maus is life

  3. Assured Lobotomy

    Keep uploading videos like this! Loved it 🙂

  4. Linx CastleClash

    Phil… You have to keep playing randoms. It'll get better. The first 200-300 games in the new patch, I was always fustrated witht he new mechanic, but after that it became bearable and fine.

  5. Joel Bagg

    too much visual stuttering in this vid phil. D:

  6. Dodolorpen

    "I couldnt hear you beacause there was a dick in your mouth" XD

  7. Sivert Haukedal

    Yuuusssssss! Moar SH vids!!! Thank you Phil!

  8. Julius Ceasar

    Hello philipopoopop you remember me?

  9. pleb pleb

    I love these longer vids, especially if they are strongholds or clan wars because I love seeing the team play…and also makes me wanna join a decent clan because i desperately want the 907 lol buuuuuut i dont have the tanks that are needed for the clan shenanigans 🙁 only E5 and leo so rip my pancakes

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