1. Vendetta


  2. Edgar Tsai

    I have this baby in my garage, but I never thought it was that damn good bro

  3. Jamie Shepherd

    I played a 'Toon with two of my buddies, we all had these things (also heyos from Hamilton ^^), we picked apart a platoon of churchills so fast we got called hackers XD people just don't know this tank

  4. Skrub

    I think this Tank should be moved to the UK Tree XD It never seen use in the USA. Canada is a British Commonwealth.

  5. Quantoran

    Couple people and I would have Ram parties. Imagine having 99 rounds per minute hitting you 🙂 We once killed a Lowe and he called us Wallet Warriors lol

  6. bruce nadeau

    Turretless armored personnel carrier

  7. bruce nadeau

    They got used as rudderless armored personnel carrier

  8. philburg2

    Bought this because it matches up well against a sherman III, but the inexplicable missing pen vs its British counterparts feels wrong. The slow aim time (relative to rate of fire) will require a gun laying drive and vents as you can see from his loadout. Make sure to bring premium ammo if you get stuck in a Tier 7 game. A great US medium trainer tank and very good DPM.

    Even though it's no longer for sale in the premium shop, you can buy a $20 bundle on Amazon that is a fair value in my opinion.

  9. Chyli300 LP

    Locust does 50 on tier III

  10. whatfreedom7

    I play this on ios. Everytime i run into one of those tanks i underestimate it and lose most the time,lol. Its tougher than it looks.

  11. straswa

    Nice review, I have one too and you've pretty much summed it up. I like the Ram II.


    I love this tank, wish the pen was at 110mm instead with AP and 180mm APCR, it would cut down on the credit cost for higher tier games, firing APCR. Have had epic games in it, that DPM eats heavy tanks, the armor is troll, and the mobility is good enough for me, wish it was just a bit faster sometimes. I just wonder why I don't see more of them.

  13. Wolfogre

    I'm satisfied with armour and HP. The gun has nice rate of fire. Penetration is…well, it's not good enough.
    But I still had a few fun games in it. Unfortunately it doesn't get preferential match making so sometimes the enemy is almost invulnerable.

  14. SlopppppyJoe

    nice review

  15. Andrew Shubie

    We need the Sherman Firefly

  16. RamenCantHaveDis

    This tank is cute because of the little Canadian flag 🙂

  17. tommy tooner

    I've had this little tank in the garage for about a year I would guess and only played it a few times here and there and said to hell with it because of the gun pen without gold rounds. My buddy and I were tooned up and he pulled this tank out.. mind you, I have 18 tier tens and he has quite a few too… come to find out, you can get 4k plus wn8 games out of this thing if you do 1k damage and above lol. Only problem is you have to fire a ton of gold rounds when you meet a heavy to compete, but other than that.. pretty good little tank to have fun in

  18. shadowdancerRFW

    You don't handle close combat fights too well. At least when you made this video.

    I've seen a fire on a frontal shot. No thx, I'm sick and tired of fail german heavies, I'm not looking for another tank with that huge weakness.

  19. It ain't me fool

    WTF "my team aren't good!" It was u like drived into the wall!

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