World of Tanks – RELIC TOTAL WAR AGAINST REDDIT… wait, wat?

World of Tanks - RELIC TOTAL WAR AGAINST REDDIT... wait, wat?

Special Thanks to Reddit for an Interesting and a Fun Week of Clan Wars! I salute you guys and I wish you guys the best of luck in the coming months.

First part of the video is the Clan Wars Battle, then two parts of Battleboats, one part of ducks and last was line battles. Sorry about the last part Reddit, but I thought I was under the impression that we were doing that, but, eh, it was fun.

Again, thank you guys for the fun evening! Peace!

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  1. MacGrams

    just confirms rddt is a bunch of toolbags 

  2. Toph629


  3. HenryProperCall911

    Did I hear Navyfield?On which server do you ( did you) play?

  4. Sarstan

    This is just like Reddit. Push the valley.

  5. Dejan Kober

    This was fun as hell!!!! And here is one suggestion; use my chicken skin for AMX40 next time 😀

  6. Blackout1945

    Ha I would so do this stuff! XD

  7. ElFeroz22

    Dude, geiles video!

  8. MrAshlino

    Which mod is that????? I rlly like it 😀

  9. Yoshi Dupond

    more please

  10. mitchtheglitch1

    Kill them churchills pandy!!!

  11. Elvato

    now this is world of tank

  12. Blackwolfufk

    funny stuff guys lol
    ; D

  13. ReiGnU

    omg all Churchill battle!LOL

  14. Loneassassin

    Love the part when they make the wall

  15. TheBlackshadez

    when pandy comands the whole group to fire priceless

  16. TheBlackshadez

    was the second match all spg

  17. Ikaros

    Sorry, i didn't mean the voicepack, i ment the soundpack (firing sound etc.).
    Sorry, my bad.

  18. Talios Bluewing

    Dude you had a lot of fun then 😛 the funniest was you r foight witch Churchills:D

  19. PandyCol

    It's the default stuff. No voice pack to download.

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