1. R.T Whitby

    Hey valachio I have a question for you can you tell me what Equipment and Crew Skills you use thanks 🙂

  2. Kepler

    Oh, and just to ruin something for you, you didn't actually roll for 462 on the IS-6. The BP shot him just before you død xD

  3. Suryia

    Love your intro – its great. Don't take this personal but your videos are better without your face cam.

  4. Suryia

    IS-6 and JT88 are great tanks but you need to know how to play T8's.

  5. Mitch

    I dont't think there was that much luck involved apart from the two subsequent fires. It was just played very well. The only special thing was that people obviously didn't shoot that plate on your side/front armor when you sidescraped…

  6. Publius

    Stronkest accuracy is Russian accuracy. Wish I could sell my T34 for the IS-6. Never seem to get great games in it.

  7. Jan

    Valachio do you think   IS-6 > T34   if i dont want to use apcr? As a credit maker only?

  8. 401Bugatti

    This makes me want to sell my my T34 for gold and buy IS-6. If i just could… This tank is way faster

  9. Devon Blair

    IS-6 imo is the best t8 prem for brawling, fun, and credit income.
    T34 has trash hull armor, unreliable turret armor against an accurate gun to overmatch the turret roof or hit the cupola, and says .35 accuracy but thats just obvious BS, dosent actually have 250 pen or else it would be like an IS-7 gun in penetration which can pen alot more than the T34,
    Type 59 is obsolete.
    JT88 is pretty fun, but slow.
    KV-5 is pretty funny but the armor isnt exactly as reliable as the IS-6's

  10. PajamaMan

    So that is where my RNG went

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