World of Tanks Rhm.-Borsig Waffenträger (algiz skin) BIG GUN in use 1960 EXP 10 frags – Lakeville

World of Tanks Rhm.-Borsig Waffenträger is tier 8 German tank destroyer and game by TatkO_Smolko.
No wonder that he (or she) get Ace Tanker for this game.
6.708 dmg is impressive.
Pool’s Medal for 10 frags and 1.960 exp is so great.

I’m happy to see this replay. Hope you like it too 🙂
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Before you write a comment like „weak,“ „nothing special“ „gold spammer“ – PLEASE BUY THIS TANK AND MAKE SUCH A RESULT !!!

World of Tanks map Lakeville

World of Tanks replay for this game


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it’s all here if you understand what you watch.

World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game which you can download for free. It is one of the best video games about and with tanks.


  1. Ethan Blakley

    Nice gameplay a and cool tank skins.

  2. 马里奥

    Like a duel,at the last time!

  3. War Thunder Best Replays

    I live in borsig

  4. Monster_tanker101 Welsh

    That tank looks amazing, in blitz it’s lame looking

  5. Stock Brazen

    This should have been the borsigs HD skin


    0:32 best Driver ever

  7. Yellow Humor

    You very Nice player

  8. MadGamerStudios

    Is this 9.21 update?

  9. David Mazalek

    Total lucky noob and lucky battle

  10. MedinaGamer16

    En blitz se mira muy sencilla en comparación a otras versiones

  11. VorTex gAmEr

    Such a beautiful skin

  12. m1a2ha

    So lucky~


    Worst Rhm ever

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