1. BringYourPlatoon

    I imagine SOME tankers jerk it to this shit… Not saying I do, but… You know… SOME might.

    …Just amazing kills. E-100 lifting that T57 in the air and landing on top? Holy crap, that was awesome.

  2. Shooting Star Films

    Check out World of Lols

  3. eu aqui

    play warthunder, way better then AW and WOT

  4. Quicky Hako

    0:030:20 Need For Speed be like

  5. 一方通行


  6. Foxy Doxy

    Music pls?

  7. Sara Jafarova


  8. Spidyy

    I want all those deep epic wrecked metal sounds in game !

  9. Mirek Bui

    gosh i wanna know the songs

  10. TheNerdyPlantGR

    when are you going to add new physics to blitz?

  11. Travis Titus

    praise the rng gods

  12. Zima Toman

    Is it possible to blow the turret off a maus?


    If only you put as much time into fixing the game and listening to players. As you do with your ''Buy these new premium tanks'' and give us more money for the office party. Scumbags AVOID WARGAMING'S PRODUCTS AND SERVICES.

  14. jose maria Villanueva

    the best RNG yet so far.

  15. XemoonNight

    the quality in 1080p is so! bad

  16. Steppa's Den

    Nice editing, weak "RNG" footage….random blowups and rams?! This is not what RNG is standing for lol… // casuals & bots will be impressed (WG: Mission accomplished!)

  17. Uros Spasojevic

    What's the song at 2:15?

  18. Slime Lime

    what is the music?

  19. Peter Boychev

    Why is fukcing wargaming america always better and have better videos >:0

  20. Silas Greaves

    only in wot can 30tonne tank drive like a go kart

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