World of Tanks – RNG #86

The battle continues. World of Tanks – The RNG Show – Ep. 86

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  1. Wargaming Europe

    Hello everyone <3
    Enjoy our new RNG video!

  2. jordan rea

    3:05 and that is 90% of the WoT player base right there sorry WG but this game is trash now and should be lay'ed to rest

  3. The EXAM [Games]

    boiis, ever since the start of the series, it hasn't been completely literal RNG. If you make it literal, everything whereas a shot is fired and damages the enemy or ally will be included in the series even if it is not funny or awesome. I dont think that's how it should work. RNG here is just Wargaming's special meaning of funny or awesome moments in WoT to make it unique unlike the overused "Funny moments". I'm pretty sure anybody can understand that since you all know memes or RNG itself being a meme.
    So stop your cancerous complaints if you understand. If not, then why bother continuing to watch?

  4. deathberry33


  5. Steve935 Gaming

    Do a flip

  6. Alex Rosado

    What number in the right side is ? 0055-2? Or what????

  7. Troy Hudson

    Wargaming are bullies #Foch #Jingles

  8. Evaneos 17
  9. Mad ObiMike

    Iros a tomar por culo mariconas

  10. Zer0Gamer501

    i cant find the music…halp me


    How mutch must a pay for that Lobbys ?

  12. StackerZeroHDx

    i hate rng so much … today bat chat ap (t9): i got hit by an oho and all 3 of my crewmembers died … and also today obj 140 (t10): i got one shoted by an pershing cause ammorack … he did 1512 dmg with one shot to me … fk this

  13. jonathan rossius

    super vidéo

  14. Евгений Белобоков

    сделайте игру олени забитые серваки и лаги достали уже!

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