World of Tanks – Rolling Thunder

Just what World of Tanks needed… another American premium medium tank. Except if you’re a Joe Average player like me, you might find this one more to your liking than the others.

I’ll be joining Quickybaby tonight for a spot of World of Tanks at 6pm UK time for a few hours on his Twitch Livestream:

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  1. Beneteus der graue Wolf

    i have seen so many of them in MM, the spam is real.

  2. Michael Page

    Yet another great video. .. Thanks Jingles

  3. MBT808

    wonder if Jingles will do a video about the Chrysler K controversy.

  4. King Biscuit

    Great video, looks like I will be getting this tank as I am a very joe average player.

  5. OperationFoxley19441

    When will it come to console?

  6. David Spurlock

    Got mine but I bought the tank only with none of the perks of the full package. I will give it a go tonight and see how bad I can fook up playing with it.

  7. Endyrym

    I love Jingles! History and overall quality of his vids!

  8. Ques

    Вы не крутые

  9. thedoubledeus

    I really wish this was on the console version can't install tanks warships takes up too much space

  10. Expierement_1

    it has the same engine as the fury weighs more then the fury yet goes faster then the fury WHY DOES IT GO FASTER?

  11. Bodog999

    First ever premium tank I've owned permanently. I fucking love this thing, anything below T6, T6 tanks itself and even T7 tanks struggle to pen the front of me. Smooth ride, snap shot, smooth ride, clutch braking, vertical stabalizer, gun rammer, vents and BIA/SOS turns this tank into an absolute deadly monster. One of my first medium tanks aswell and as a TD/HT main I love this tank. Decent gun and quite astounding armour along with decent speed makes me feel like I'm driving a HT.

  12. Tapio perälä

    I really loved the Easy8, and I really like brawling tanks.
    So I think this might actually be a very nice thing for me.
    Thanks for the great video, Jingles!

  13. Has Amanda

    where are your war thunder videos

  14. DankWizard

    What are your graphics at?

  15. Aaron Peplinski

    I love my Jumbo. NA Forsakenlion

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