World of Tanks | Ru 251 – 10 Kills – 6.5K Damage

World of Tanks | Ru 251 – 10 Kills – 6.5K Damage – 1 VS 9 Gameplay

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Map: Redshire
Damage: 6555

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ModXvm 9.17.1:

The Spähpanzer Ru 251 is a German tier 8 light tank. The Spähpanzer Ru 251 leads to the Leopard Prototyp A.


  1. Tóth Levente

    Good game

  2. Sjusl

    nice 1v9 – 2 arties, afk 13 90, oneshot ISU, oneshot Bulldog, oneshot IS-6, oneshot SU-100M, two shots for KV-5 and last bot 704… he should kill that Obj like 10 times, if he wasn't hiding behind these buildings… sometimes he played rlly stupid, but still, he was smarter, then enemies, so gj

  3. Brian Intro

    Most of there was luck the player isnot even "good enough" cant believe he didnt rushed against obj 704 that many times when he was all for him, i mean when he shoted he could be turning around him to easy kill him like 3 times happened that or when isu appeared how he just keep getting infront to let him shoot xd

  4. hitomie kanzaki

    the best replay I've watched… 😉

  5. Matty S

    Awesome play.. best seen in along time.. but really WoT.. he lost credits on that WTF!!

  6. Maxime maxime

    wall done

  7. Vernon Harrison

    Some of the best skill and game play ever!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!

  8. Timothy Paris

    WOW, Cool dude

  9. badboybootz8

    stupid 704

  10. roguecrt

    Well done!

  11. Daniel Silva


  12. Newcastle 87

    1 Versus 8.5- the amx was afk but was spotting him

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