World of Tanks RU 251 – Brilliance, Stupidity, No Ammo & Crazy Ending

World of Tanks Spähpanzer Ru 251. When your team falls apart, you’re outnumbered 4-1 and you run out of ammo, how are you going to win the game?

M 41 90 1vs7 Epic Replay—1iK1Y?list=PLngtjbKGsqyEBpbN7CO6ueqKp11XjtrLc

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  1. D K

    I agree with your comments on the north spawn for heavy tanks getting murdered by tds trying to cross up to the castle. Would make a great video to discuss alternate play styles and locations for North spawn heavy tanks.

  2. punkodie

    hahaha, that t34 had probably no clue the RU 251 had no ammo left, so he thought he'd be outspotted for the rest of the game and killed from distance

  3. Rui Preto

    minute –3:27 quick reaction 🙂 congrats Maboutch 😀

  4. Rui Preto

    top battle

  5. Guillaume Bouchard

    If the t34 had not move out of the cap circle I guess the RU 251 could also have got onto his team's cap circle along with the t34 and run around him avoiding his shots until game comes to a draw or force the t34 to move out of cap

  6. Frederick Burkert

    Could have left the crusader for a ram and been more careful on the t34. Not knocking him tho. Ye gonna wonder if you were dreaming or did that really happen

  7. ladawg81

    bet he thought he was on encounter (for whatever reason) and thought he got reset for good lmao

  8. ladawg81

    idk why but i always seem to learn tricks about certain maps and notice trends about how things happen on them by watching your videos.

  9. Jonny Scott

    It's easy to roast the RU and say he threw it cos he wasted a few shells and took some silly shots, but at the end of the day it's not easy to think clearly all the time in the end game like this. The T34 wasn't necessarily stupid because for all he knew the RU had a tonne of ammo left and could just keep out spotting him and resetting him in the open and to eventually kill him.

  10. KFC KFC

    The bulldog is tier 8….

  11. God Love's

    wow,wow,wow noob t34

  12. TheBooshDog

    Wait, a fire or an ammo rack…. I remember watching this same sort of thing but on Winter Himmelsdorf. The opponent had a fire extinguisher, so naturally RNG gives him 2 fires…

  13. typeviic1

    The first mistake he made was at the beginning by not spotting the enemy tank crossover that begins at E-9. Always nice to get early shots on them to 'soften them up', as the RU has the speed for those early spots

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