World of Tanks S-51 – 6 Kills 5,7K Damage

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World of Tanks S-51 – 6 Kills 5,7K Damage

Medals received: Top Gun, High Caliber

The S-51 is a Soviet tier 7 self-propelled gun.

Developed by the Grabin Central Artillery Design Bureau in the fall of 1943. The S-51 passed trials successfully in the spring of 1944, but never entered mass production.

Often nicknamed by the players as „The Unicorn“ for the impressive long barrel gun it holds when aiming upwards, out of the box, it has the SU-14-1’s upgraded gun. It’s rather slow when you first get it, and performance will be sluggish, but once upgraded, its mobility kicks in. Most players agree that the S-51 is superior to the SU-14-1 for these reasons: its mobility (especially when relocating to avoid becoming a counter-battery target), its agility in running from danger, and faster traverse speeds in switching between targets. It also has a smaller profile than the SU-14, which helps it with camouflage.

S-51 starts with 152 mm BR-2 Howitzer, which considering its repositioning in 8.6, makes it comparable to the old SU-8. However, the second gun, the 203 mm B-4 is the cannon that your enemies will fear you for. It gives the S-51 the ability to deal more alpha damage than any other Tier 7 SPG, and even deal one-shots to Tier 8 heavy tanks. On the downside, it has a very slow reload time and it is rather inaccurate. Its large splash radius will nonetheless ensure that your opponent receives at least some kind of damage. The 203 mm B-4 canon can only carry 12 shells, which in most cases is enough thanks to the low rate of fire. It can also fire AP shells, which some people may find handy in close quarters combat for their high damage potential and good penetration.

The S-51 leads to the SU-14-2.

Outro song: OST World of Tanks – Intro Login 2016



  1. Muhd Ikram

    a you useing mod? make that arow show ware anemy

  2. . 魔法石の採掘

  3. Chase Andrew

    more s-51 and i will switch to arty classes

  4. SRGshadow

    47 sec reload XD takes so long

  5. Luke K

    1:00 – How can you do this? Do I need to download a mod or something?

    Edited: I already have S-51 and planning to go towards GW Panther. Which is better?

  6. Boris Velinov

    how your is so accurate I am on 2 skill 71%???

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  9. Marcell Szabolcs

    the next please be the 212a 🙂

  10. Marcell Szabolcs

    please more S-51 🙂

  11. Ponnes

    Is this a mod that her can aim like a normal tank?

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  13. B guillaume

    more s51 pls c:

  14. Octi POWAH

    how the hell he penetrates every shot…like on that e100…:/ very heavly armored. but nice gameplay gg

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