WORLD OF TANKS SCHOOL: Lorraine 40 t, BASE FIRST, 8.2k dmg, 9 frags on El Halluf, WOT

WORLD OF TANKS SCHOOL: Lorraine 40 t, BASE FIRST, 8.2k dmg, 9 frags on El Halluf, WOT

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Lorraine 40 t
The Lorraine 40 t is a French tier 8 premium medium tank.
This experimental French tank was developed during the 1940s. Two prototypes were manufactured in 1952. In addition to the oscillating turret, the vehicle featured suspension with air-core tires and pike nose armor. The design passed trials, but never entered mass production.
The Lorraine 40t is a French Tier 8 premium medium tank. Once it was a Tier 9 medium tank in the Batchat 25T line before patch, when it was replaced by the Bat.-Châtillon 25 t AP. It was returned in patch 9.17.1 as it was visible in the vehicle comparison and later released in online store. In its returned form, it has 1300 HP and carries a 4 round drum autoloader. Also comes with a unique camouflage that changes in every map you play.
– Great speed and agility
– Exceptional acceleration with the top engine
– High burst damage, enough to knock out any tier 8 LT with its 4 round clip
– Good gun depression for an autoloader
– Comes with unique premium camouflage that changes in different maps and provide camo bonus.
– Armor is made of paper that is useless against HE and tier 7 arty and up, even if tier 7 arty hits your tank it causes heavy critical damages or even a one-hit kill!
– Fairly large size, combined with light weight (Only 40 tons) means it is very vulnerable to ramming.
– Frequent module damage, especially the turret
– Poor traverse speed (34 deg/s) which results in a large turning radius while moving full speed
– Aim time is higher than the autoloader’s loading time, even with GLD and Vert Stabs
– Weak engine, only 850 hp against 40 tons including modules equipment.
– Mediocre reload time

Map El Halluf
Lorraine 40 t
Damage inflicted on 8272
Damaged / destroyed enemy vehicles 11/9

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  1. Promethesis

    This is the first game I've seen with NO TD's on either team.

  2. Kerem Kulak

    Did anybody get how he get 402k , non prem calculation is correct but prem account 402k is impossible, it should be 345k

  3. Norbert Schooten

    this is a realy good player, 39K battles, not a fail reroll gold noob. very good fight

  4. Edin Mrkaljevic

    look the aim circle when he go behind OHO how the circle move alone and aim on weak points,,,epic cheater