World of Tanks Skoda T 25 – The Alternative El Halluf

World of Tanks Skoda T 25. Finally a replay on El Halluf that doesn’t involve going to the northwest corner! Must be a first on the channel 😉

Lt vz 38 Review Amazing tier 3 Czech tank

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Let me know your thoughts!


  1. Benjamin Buddhist

    yo sexy u wanna do sommit different? go get the xbox one version of world of tanks

  2. Metehan Kapı

    I like the skoda t25 very much, it is like a preview on what you will get when you reach tier X

  3. tdr124

    Love the t25! Ground my teeth on peak a boo and ridge lining on the American medium line. I feel the t25 play style is american style peak a boo on CRACK! You don't have a mantle (but m48,m46,t20 didn't either) so poke over the ridge and dump 330 damage into the bums of big unsuspecting heavies and scurry away, then come back again! The 330 clip damage is good for anywhere from a 1/25 to 1/2 of heavy hps! But, do not try to trade, you have plywood for armor haha!

  4. Ben Flap

    Not the best plays in my opinion for a player with 2 marks. He stayed in the open on dangerous positions and he was lucky that the Hummel only splashed him for low hp. This tank is very vulnerable against arty fire.

  5. Владимир Пыжалов

    style Does anyone understand smarter this versiop D !omg

  6. G Yogaraja

    I think the friendly FV304 was letting him have the top gun, because the arty didn't fire at all when the Sherman remained lit.

  7. Bros Mario

    0:32 sure its tier 5 😀

  8. Aman

    I have done that LT mission ( spot and damage three spgs ) with AMX 12t while missing the chances many times ( after 3 max spgs rule came ). In lower tier, u will get chances more often, GL.

  9. Chappie

    Pz t25 better

  10. theKoshmeister

    Not sure about the teamplay, the FV304 was just doing his thing zero comms at the end, maybe couldn't speak English.

  11. Kont Strahd

    it is tier 6 Mr. Jedi 🙂

  12. rek tel

    nice one, if you want to continue this serie, i did a 7 kill and 1 vs 4 yesterday with the t 34 100. 😛

  13. Milkydrink

    Just a tip to make these more amusing – turn on the auto generated subtitles this one features a Scolded T25 could be a whole new tech tree in the game!

  14. Slubbs

    Just remembered you said you played Galaxies.Well I have good news,SWG Legends have a nge server up and running.It has a healthy population,good economy and everything that was in the game,Heroics,JTL pvp the lot.Just got my 5th piece of First Responders earlier.If you'd like a trip down memory lane I highly recommend it mate.If you've got any questions about it gimme a shout.

  15. Semibiased

    I will say that I feel the meta of El Haluf and other maps have changed with the changes in wargamings MM. Before, the matchmaker was a bit top tier heavy so it made the northwest corner so important. Now, with the amount of low tier tanks zipping around, it makes the south more playable. The low tier tanks just don't have the DPM, penetration or armor/health to really contest the northwest much.

  16. TheGrotovsky

    Time for a joke:

    Dutch summer.

  17. Cheater x22ru

    tier 5 medium tank? 0:30, its a tier 6 dude 😛

  18. Captain Bear

    here AJ, this is a battle I had and in the end there was some good chat between the E100 and I after we both had died

  19. Jhony Lopes Gonçalves

    tier 6 not tier 5

  20. Joku Vaa

    "Good penetration for a tier 5 medium tank."