World of Tanks || Skoda T 40 – Tank Review

World of Tanks || Skoda T40 – Tank Review. Today I’m reviewing the T6 Czechoslovakian medium tank the Skoda T40.


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    I have it on Xbox and it is really fun XD 😉

  2. sereja triceps

    this guy is playing with cheats 6-43

  3. David Marks

    the crew sounds like they are saying my phony

  4. Jäger Mammut

    Wot has a retarded banning system. Our bulldog put a WHOLE magazine into me, he didn't even become blue, but when I, in my Skoda T 40 put ONE shell into him, albeit, he burns and dies and I'M THE ONE WHO GETS BANNED OF THE TEST SERVER AND I'LL 99% NEVER GET BACK ON THE TEST SERVER WITH 1 OCTILLION PEOPLE IN THE QUEUE! FUCK YOU WARGAMING!
    EDIT: Ok not really the whole magazine cause he bounced 2 times and missed 2 times. And I think he didn't put the last one in. Still

  5. Jolly Jankins

    This is my favorite Tier 6 tanks, any else love it as much as i do?

  6. Leader Of KaRu 420


  7. Reginaught

    when you see that 9 Mill xp…

  8. Teimo Gaming

    Its Like TVP VTU But in Tier 6

  9. ryytro emsei

    dostali to xD

  10. HouseMusicLover001

    lol that long commander's line when doing a critical hit is the reason I got into playing Czech tanks. I just find it cool

  11. armyraw29

    i hated that thing it made 17k at most. if a tier 4 light tank hit u once ur whole crew was injured with all ur modules damaged,

  12. swaders

    Another pile of wg dog shit.

  13. veeti kervinen

    well ofc u get ace if ur the first player on it .even woth 1xp

  14. KEXY

    Škoda tanks is best

  15. EpicDongo

    Instead of having this tank as regular tier 7, we got the buffed t-34-85 clone…

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