World of Tanks Škoda T 50 – 7 Kills 10,7K Damage

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World of Tanks Škoda T 50 – 7 Kills 10,7K Damage

Medals received: Defender, High Caliber, Tank Sniper, Top Gun

The Škoda T 50 is a Czechoslovakian tier 9 medium tank.

A further development of the post-war concept for the Czechoslovakian general purpose tank. The project was developed by Škoda in 1947. In 1948, significant changes were introduced to the project. There were plans to mount a 100 mm gun. The project was discontinued after one full-size wooden prototype had been built.

The Škoda T 50 leads to the TVP T 50/51.

Outro song: OST World of Tanks – Intro Login 2016



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    Lacho, can you do video with pz t25 please??

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