World of Tanks || STA-2 – 9.6 Preview

Preview of the T8 Japanese premium medium tank the STA-2 coming in patch 9.6!

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  1. MadIdea MIke

    doesn't the STA 2 get premium matchmaking?

  2. Derek Pratt

    this thing get pref mm?

  3. alpha jackson

    im gonna buy it cuz I want all the japanese tanks 😛

  4. Ryan Dunlap

    the jump cuts

  5. DrIzZiT50

    like the way you compared the 2 tanks with the racing and stuff. do you still do that kind of stuff, I never saw that before. love the vids qb.

  6. Fernando Herrera

    I'm on the Xbox one and I just bought this tank as I'm finally going down the STB 1 line. (Loving the gun depression as I mainly play Russian mediums). On consoles we have PMM. I've had some great games in it so far. Can't imagine putting this gun in a tier 10 match though as I bounce a lot of shots as it is.

  7. xX_Hyperbeast_Xx XOXO

    If this reaches 3 likes Ima eat a Hamburger

  8. Adam Harding

    love this tank but dont know why !!!

  9. RieskaSaatana

    on xbox this tank get Plays up to tier 9

  10. RieskaSaatana

    i buyed STA-2 on Xbox One now and its AWESOME!! my best game was 8kills and 6821 dmg and 173k silver i love it

  11. Michael McGinley

    How much gun depression?

  12. the female War Machine

    eh, the upper front plate is 45° thick? lol?

  13. Saito

    I love my STA-2, leave me alone ;_;

  14. 八支路時


  15. Hide From Jesus

    Hello,Should I get sta-2 or pershing?

  16. 슬픈 개구리

    Better than the CDC

  17. TristinMandrab Gaming

    Quicky, i really want to get my teir 10 Japan tank, do you think its worth it?