1. Commander Cool

    Hi Gaming Bear! Just watched your STA-2 review. Will you revisit this tank after it was several times buffed? F.e. pen buff to 212 mm and mobility buffs.
    Thanks for your great work and a happy new year, CmdCool

  2. Artyom Noss

    you were also firing gold heat ammo at RHM!! it's a wet napkin shoot HE next time much more effective and won't have to spam credits

  3. Artyom Noss

    But good vid otherwise! but FYI sta2 sucks ass! it's said to be the 2nd worst tier 8 med tank next to t34-3!

  4. Artyom Noss

    hey BEAR BOY you might want to turn your graphics down because your PC can't quite handle it your running 40fps! or beef up your PC a bit! that's why your having twitchy aim at longer ranges! also your sound quality on vids is subpart compared to most!

  5. 6a3aP Te6e HyψeH

    need more modes

  6. Rosko Klikovac

    pls tell me wich sound are using for patch 9.14 cause i hate new sound