World of Tanks – Swift and stealthy Strv S1

The highest armor penetration among all Premium vehicles! Speed: 50 km/h forward and 45 km/h backward! Dispersion: about 0.3 m per 100 m! And on top of that, high profitability and a chance to train the crew! All this in the new Swedish tank destroyer Strv S1! The only Premium vehicle with the Siege mode!

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  1. Jahah Bbba

    Can I download this game on ps3 for free ?

  2. AllUnion Prj

    its a schet

  3. efterblivna

    I must've been insane to pay for this 80 quid….fuck that…

  4. Speed Angel

    что за хня здесь есть русские?

  5. Zuckerwatte

    bitte in wotb einfügen <3

  6. Faayez XD

    just other op tank -.-
    they can buy premium tanks, but they can't get good brain
    no life.
    no brain..
    no comment…

  7. Roarezzz YT

    please add strv 122 to WoT

  8. Feuerknabe 16

    und dieser panzer kommt niemals durch die MAUS DURCH ihr vollhonks

  9. Feuerknabe 16

    wargaiming stinkt nach klöten und betrügt am spiel

  10. Ice___

    Love u WG 🙂 Swedish tanks…. 🙂

  11. ReinBow

    Put it on asian server

  12. Павел Бабич

    где блядь русские субтитры

  13. Tobias Bente

    all new premiums have their weakness too. s1 has less gun depression than udes and is slower, but better armored for bounce, so its fair.. 252U may have a big alpha dmg but look that reload. no more total dpm than others.. skorpion is fast, but cant select a bigger gun like rhm. b. WT. even its turret traverse is a shit. panther 8.8 is relatively slow, and even that can circle around the skorpion. premiums dont have to be better, and they aren't. they are same good but with different aspects.. keep flaming around…much things has been changed. buy premium ammo not for gold only, but for credits and so on.. and you guys cant stop crying around. they dont have to change the game like you want. its their created game, not yours. and dont cry about penetration. there is always one with the highest, and one with the lowest. its unrealistic if all would get the same.. go quit or shut up. good job wargaming 🙂

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