World of Tanks: T-34-3 Re-review [ASIA-Professor_Squirrel]


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  1. AnonimunPlayer

    Professor is Teacher in Portuguese, i m brazilian xD, nice game

  2. Meinungs Freiheit

    One time I roll out in a trainingsroom with my IS-2 Berlin and a friend in a AMX 50 B. At one poing we decide to destroy out guns and we noticed that he cand destroy my IS-2 gun. After 17 of 50 B shots it turned yellow. Nice WG

  3. Brian Keller

    T69 thought he had the oneshot. Rolled super low


    Do want the T-34-3. But be nice if it got 6 of Gun depression instead of 5. Find it funny and very annoying in how that 1 degree can make or break a tank like this.

  5. Maarten Draw

    Look at that log detail! Wg finally bringing wot into 2010…. Amazing

  6. jason trauger

    Call me biased, because I am, what I wonder is why it is that every tank at tier 8+ is built around going hull down except for those in the German tech tree. Hell, the T-34-3 is a better hull down tank than the Tiger II.

  7. typeviic1

    What this tank does, it does well. Short and medium range brawling, because its gun is SO derpy. However, as a scout player, that play style is just not my cup of tea.

  8. Ralph Weaver

    Uber impressed by a good log… Hmm…