World of Tanks T-34-85 – 6 Kills 5K Damage

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World of Tanks T-34-85 – 6 Kills 5K Damage

Medals received: Lehvaslaiho’s Medal, High Caliber, Top Gun

The T-34-85 is a Soviet tier 6 medium tank.

Final modification of the T-34 tank of 1943. A new three-man gun turret allowed a more powerful 85-mm gun to be mounted. This greatly increased the combat effectiveness of the tank compared to its predecessor, the T-34-76. A total of more than 35,000, in several variants, were produced. Today the tank is still in service in several countries.

The T-34-85 retains the same hull as its predecessor, the T-34, but receives a new, more heavily armored turret with more powerful choices of armament. Stock, it is quite sluggish and armed with the under-par 76 mm S-54, but later on it receives a somewhat more powerful engine and the excellent all-purpose 85 mm D5T-85BM, turning it into a versatile and capable Tier 6 medium tank.

The T-34-85 leads to the T-43.

Outro song: OST World of Tanks – Intro Login 2016



  1. Szymon Lisicki

    Very good! Tiger took his 7th kill.

  2. Angus Donald Smith

    I'd like to see some American autoloading light tanks

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