World of Tanks T-44 – 5 Kills 6,7K Damage

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World of Tanks T-44 – 5 Kills 6,7K Damage

Medals received: Confederate, High Caliber, Top Gun

The T-44 is a Soviet tier 8 medium tank.

Adopted in 1944, with a total of 965 vehicles produced by the end of the war. The T-44 remained in service until the end of the 1970s.

The T-44 can be considered an evolution of the playstyle previously showcased by the T-43. Sporting better agility, firepower, and armor than the T-43, it still plays very much as a flanking medium tank, using its low profile and excellent mobility to make up for its mediocre armor and poor gun penetration.

The T-44 leads to the T-54.

Outro song: OST World of Tanks – Intro Login 2016



  1. Dellinger the fighting fish

    Which line should i go for OBJ 416 or T44?

  2. Robert Mateescu-Andrei


  3. László Pap

    How nice that APCR was invented in the game…so u can spam it even for T34's sides and IS3's asses as well…

  4. Rolphy Medina

    gg good team

  5. Phu Manh

    i love t44

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