World of Tanks – T-50-2 Tier 5 Light Tank – Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better

Driving the T-50-2 around Live Oaks racking up another Confederate Medal, the thought occurred to me – what exactly is the point of the AMX12t or the AMX13-75 when I’m doing exactly what they do, except one or two tiers lower, and doing it better?

Good question.

Mods used:
Reticle with Reload Timer:
„It’s a Trap!“ Sixth Sense Perk Icon:
Coloured Tank Icons:
Damage Panel:


  1. Dan Barnett

    october 2017??

  2. Wisher

    I miss the T-50-2 a lot, was the first tank i got which i was aiming for D;

  3. John von Shepard

    It's 2017 and T-50-2 is only on Xbox One.

  4. Bnadit

    Came back to watch some T-50-2 game-play, miss this thing.

  5. Nikodemus

    I miss the T50-2!!!! 🙁

  6. Ketil Flatnose

    4 years and 9 days since this video was uploaded.

  7. James De Witt

    wow this game has changed.

  8. Nicki R

    "quit game and play solitarie" lol

  9. xXimf4m0usXx

    it is back on WoT

  10. JMan Gaming

    Do they take it away from ppl that bought it b4 it was removed? Why are ppl that had it saying that they miss it ?

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