World of Tanks || T-54 First Proto – 3 Marks

World of Tanks – T-54 First Proto. Today I’m 3 marking the T8 Soviet premium medium tank the T-54 Mod 1.

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  1. Venator- mc

    When you finally get 3 Marks on a tank

  2. Jacob Denney

    Its so dumb how on console the t54 mod 1 has 56 rounds and on pc it only has 34.

  3. Марио Петров

    when we will get the buff that this tank REALLY need ? Limited MM sound reasonable …

  4. Logan Parks

    helo quicky baby when i watch your vids i only have tier5 tanks lol

  5. Aman Be Dayı

    10:43 😀

  6. Russian Beaver

    10:46 xD

  7. Denis Jaupllari

    man u talk to much instead of playing the game u hide always nd talk we know the specs of the tanks we want to learn new ways to play them not their specs nd type of guns who penetrates who

  8. Mátyás Fodor

    How to bait your teammates.

  9. deployedkitty

    Those 3 heavy tanks spending the first third of the battle camping in their base fill me with utter disgust.

  10. Lemongrab

    10:46 "after the artilery shit shell hits us" words can't describe how happy I am 😀

  11. BorG Machine

    How did u did that mod It is a trap tingy?

  12. TheDzugasvili

    is this the best tier 8 medium premium tank?

  13. S I M O K O 〰

    what was the ratio before the 3 mark

  14. Randycorn Corny

    Fucking arty shitting on me again, GODDAMN PIGGYS

  15. Bloop Gaming


  16. No Name

    A friend of mine got up to 94.99 on the KV-2.

  17. mikula mikula

    I need advice for t54 mod 1 , because I also have this tank and I wanted to know that is it profitable to use premium ammo and extra combat rations on this tank and I have premium account. minivotka

  18. Lou Guerriero

    Earning gun marks is a nice reward, however I've seen so many people just focused on marks, some of whom admitted using banned mods, that it sort of makes me wonder at times if they earned them. I'm not great by any means so when I 1 mark a tank I'm happy that I'm improving my skills. And well, NA server can be hell for blu/unicum teams on one side and various levels of red/yellow/orange on the other. We don't all get teams full of noobs to shoot at, QB. 🙂

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