World of Tanks || T-54 not-so Lightweight

World of Tanks – T-54 Lightweight. Today I’m playing in the T8 Soviet light tank, the T-54 Lightweight, showing you why it doesn’t quite live up to it’s name.

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  1. Patrick Dooley


  2. Bob Dickens

    Anyone else kinda hear the lightweights wheels squeaking?

  3. свинья _

    Maus ass is 180 mm of angled armor. T54ltwt has 170 mm of pen. Good luck

  4. свинья _

    Don't need to bounce in ru251 if you are dodging everything

  5. свинья _


  6. Shivan Mohyaddin

    This tank is so much fub

  7. Andrej Tasev

    This tank was used in every single battle in WGL 2015… Too OP

  8. SkyForce

    почему сразу не сломал траки когда выехал на ис-3?

  9. Patryk Ochnio

    Why can't I get MM like this? Only 1 tier difference…

  10. Lou Guerriero

    Everyone on NA server knows about the D4 spot and if you go there, they YOLO like mad to push you out of there. Watching these replays makes me want to create an EU account, simply to see if it really is as easy as QB makes it look. Cuz LT 15 has been ridiculous for me lately in the newest meta with so many tanks able to out spot my tier 8 LT's.

  11. beanerboy 79

    Lights and meds are awesome

  12. Jordan Fischer

    WZ132, because of its gun. That and its camo and speed, but the gun on the WZ is definitely unique in comparison to the other T8 lights.

  13. TexasPistolMassacre

    So it says bitch in the thumbnail. thats neat

  14. Yao Zexi

    Ah the ram kills.

    Makes me miss the Aufkl Panther.

    You one shot AMX 13 90s at full speed.

  15. MrMurphyum

    I'd like to see videos when you make mistakes and learn of it. That would be really useful!

  16. jordan hondijk

    did you what just hit me like a rock. you will be able to use your m41 bulldog in t8 skirmishes

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