1. Bmants

    No arty was one of the best parts of the game, it shows what a good player can do without arty ruining the fight.

  2. Christian Hakim

    So it is possible to win without heat spam!!!

  3. Stefan Nicolaescu

    this is porn. too much but sex

  4. busyend

    This was one for the record books. Fantastic skills!

  5. MichArts


  6. Reality

    12:17 look at the chats
    he cant even type it right
    "Fuck your cheater mother!!"

  7. Tho Thong

    what is mods?

  8. tuberaider

    This looks like he's using some version of XVM. Where can I download it?

  9. Reality

    Man, you are a talented player.

  10. busyend

    Damn nice game!

  11. Absolutely CM


  12. ANA

    wow!!!nice kills!!!!

  13. Wei He

    just 10HP if that 140 hit you with an HE you would have been died. But he was too dumb after all

  14. Martin Spodniak


  15. Ali Ali

    whet collllllllllllll

  16. Dominik Barták

    gold king

  17. Cataca_91

    yes he have some skill he using APCR AMMO ………..

  18. MrMurphyum

    holy shit that was close
    Nice skills dude, and the mother of fortuna was on your side too!

  19. keno grafiker

    Epic Battle , legendry player…

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