World of Tanks T-62A – 9 Kills – 9.1K Damage

World of Tanks T-62A – 9 Kills – 9.1K Damage Gameplay
Map: El Halluf
Damage: 9113

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  1. Hyeongjoon Kim

    That Arty was impressing

  2. 12qt WoT

    1:46 That was a lame move, "gtfo, i must  do damage to still be blue"

  3. mircea muresan


  4. DerSperminatorxD

    ridiculous… 9k damage and 9 kills and u get 5.000 credits 🙁

  5. MigThe Freak

    I clicked this only because this intro! Gives inspiration play wot even at weekends.

  6. Kappa Pride

    gg to that obj 261 too

  7. Roberto Avalos Jr.

    Idiot Why u show the countdown

  8. Roberto Avalos Jr.

    Why dont u acelerate the beginning no one cares the countdown

  9. Ahmed Ansari

    really well played medium game!
    Never take a straight fight that you can't win…btw..did that IS8 take wayyyy too many hits or did it get buffed after I sold that piece of toilet paper for armor…

  10. Timothy .P

    he spent too long sitting on the corner against the is3 and is8 when he could have easily flanked round to get shots in the back he is in a medium after all

  11. liuxoB

    i see this is a good replay, but i dont see the outstandig part of it, mostly it was just damagefarming on an is8, is3 and a kv4… 

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