World of Tanks || T25/2 Tank Review

The T25/2 T7 American Tank Destroyer gets the QuickTank Review treatment!



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  1. HomieG

    I actually love this tank with full % crew, camouflage net, gun rammer and binoculars

  2. Michael Stewart

    just got my t25/2 and I'm enjoying it

  3. Matthias Dragonias

    I would love to see him use it again, except this time, using a crew with skill perks in it! This tank destroyer is really amazing when you use it properly! Not only that, a good platoon working together in these tanks can absolutely wreck a team. In fact, I completed most of my TD missions with this tank for the Stug IV.

  4. Clorox Bleach Lemon Fresh

    Why is it so heavy anyway. The Armour is paper thin

  5. Gewel

    And now T25/2 is one of the most enjoyable tier VII tanks!

  6. Emerald Gamin'

    they buffed the tank so it's better now

  7. Gergő Szebeni

    13:45 look at the cp indicator

  8. bisquitnspanky

    Why the fuck is it that I have a 62% win rate with the Jackson and only 39% with this pos?

  9. Hiria Irwin

    have th best gmez n da t25/2 breatha

  10. Joseph Hemingway

    so you're suggest that I use my hellcat and use the free experience and credits I get to pass the t25 2

  11. mahmoud haroun

    is not fun at all to play this tank with IS 3 or IS 7 and you don't have the speed to run

  12. ankit tiwari

    i got 80000 exp on hellcat.. and i can not decide whether to spend it on this tank.. but i dont know what to do.. there is no way i can bypass that tank

  13. lol hacker


  14. lol hacker

    m4 review

  15. Black hawk gameing

    See knowing that the t25/2 sucks, it makes me want to buy gold, and bypass the tank, lol

  16. Slushy 523

    nobody likes t25 at

  17. Max Zou

    now the brit turreted td's shits all over this tank and there is no reason to play american turreted td's anymore

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