World of Tanks – T26E4 SuperPershing. Layer Cake

Which medium tank is stronger than any heavy? Why speed isn’t the key parameter for a medium tank? Which tank borrowed its armor to another one? The T26E4 Super Pershing knows the answers to these questions! Meet a new episode of Guide Park series! Happy viewing!

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  1. Shadow Killer



  2. Jesus of Nazareth

    I play wot 1 year ago and I never pen one

  3. shadow trooper262

    The experience I have in Blitz is similar to this video.

  4. Ethan carriedo

    Super Pershing is one of the best premium for money its cost

  5. Eugene Mack

    This tank is not for noobs

  6. fenyr master

    afther playing some matches with this tank, i like it so much, is the first premium i buy, it make many credits, great tank WG

  7. Joel Bäckman

    Worthless narrator

  8. Gear shifter


  9. JonasPlettGaming

    This thing is definitely going to be my first premium vehicle

  10. Waffletraktor

    I've got that tank and i must aay that anyone who's about to buy it….it's armor is OP bu the gun…we could talk about that..

  11. Lil Boat

    the narrator voice is so good

  12. nicolas sanhueza

    Speken of the premium tank IS-6

  13. ZwalistyDrwal

    op tank, needs to be nerfed

  14. Milivoj Nonkovic

    it is a beatiful tank deflekts shots like a heavy

  15. Russell Notellyou

    funny I had the super pershing and I had to get gold rounds because I couldn't penetrate anything with regular rounds

  16. Silvernblack891

    Got it on the Xbox and i absolutely love it. Have almost 800,000 xp with it and gunning for 1,000,000 xp.

  17. Ledin Patrick

    First time I saw this tank was on greatest tank battles…as soon as I got world of tanks it was the first premium I bought, even though there are things like the scorpion G. It's still and amazing tank