World of Tanks – T34 Review

I take a look at the American tier 8 premium heavy tank, the T34. This hull down beast resembles the T29 in more than one way, but the gun isn’t one, it sports a 120mm gun with 248mm of penetration and 400 average damage and rakes in the silver.

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    American tanks in WOT of tanks, are known to use double armor on their tanks, commonly referred to as the Super Pershing, it has double armor, TBH the Super Pershing has better armor then the T34, I would prefer the Pershing then all of the heavies, but overall the Is6 and t34 has a big competition on which is better.

  2. Ric Aldrich

    I saw the black tanks but didn't realize they had 75% training…..WTF I would have bought the bundle and I already have all but the British tank. for me it's all about crew training.

  3. JamesPlayz

    I am your 2,200 subscriber 🙂 Hit me up on Xbox one I play WoT every day 😛 and im here because im going to be buying the T34

  4. tro5k

    Outta of all 7 black tanks, do you know which one has Premium match making?

  5. Dave Collier

    Another great review thanks Cpt. sorry to hear about your issues with the blk tanks. i hope WG sort it out for you. i know there have been further reduction to the cost of the blk tanks but they are still expensive. i think 25k worth of gold is £69.99 i'm thinking about getting 360 days of premium and the blk t34 i think ill get 2k change in gold. Cpt what your opinion on the IS4 and IS7 which is the better line.

  6. Andrew Retham

    Update Black tanks Mega Bundle 54200 Gold

  7. Trolling Noobs Gaming

    Hey Cpt Beardface, just wanted to tell you that I'm a huge fan and I love you work, gameplay! Your work inspires me a lot! I'm hoping that one day we could play WOT together on PS4:) It would truly mean the world to me if we could play together or if you can possibly add me!:D My PSN is: TrOoLiNg_NoObS …I hope this isn't to much to ask for 😛 Thank you so much for everything:)

  8. Andrew Retham

    I will go for the 7 Black Tanks.
    I got one of the prem, so its ok:)
    Nice vid thanks for the advice for the Black tanks:)

  9. Joey Eemans

    On the site it says that the T34 only has 225 mm armor on the turret? Is this a glitch or what?


    I've got 3 MoE's on this beast 🙂 nice video!

  11. J Louis Bezuidenhout

    Thanks for the Vids. What will your gamerstag be on Xbox?

  12. TRCK v6

    amazing gameplay, how do you get so much gold lol

  13. A Random person

    wait what t34 had 278mm of frount of the turrent

  14. Grubber65

    Great review, can you do a review of the black T34-3 please?

  15. Pandemicks

    Had a dream you used 10 seconds of the mighty jingles intro song and was mildly upset, dunno why I'm sharing this. I'll leave now

  16. Jason Burford

    What crew skills do you recommend for heavy tanks?

  17. British Bloke

    Why wasn't this the tank after the T29? The T32's gun isn't good enough. The gun was great on the T29, but the same gun on the T32 isn't good enough. It's even worse when it's on the M103, that I still have no packages on because I can't use the gun to get xp.

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