World of Tanks – T49 – 11 Kills – 6k Damage – 1vs7 [Replay|HD]

• World of Tanks (WoT) – T49 – 11 Kills – 6k Damage – 1vs6 – Kolobanov’s, Pool’s and Pascucci’s Medal – Ace tanker –
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  1. silegowalker


  2. King Marko

    Um 1 vs 6 no 7 -_-

  3. Jeremias Cleyton

    você e basileiro ?

  4. Leonhard Gaming

    You are really good player………….. no cheating bravo!!,,,,,,,,,You are an example of how to play!!

  5. Tyler Durdin


  6. SmashedBanana Starzinger

    OP as fuck

  7. Someone

    Aim bot 2:52?

  8. Krapfen 14

    sssssmmmmmmaaaashing !!!! 😉

  9. Good Dwight Stirling

    how can you aim that fast lol…….

  10. Tomáš Nečas


  11. samee7 gamer

    WTF with that great gun……the best gun ever

  12. Beliar Baal

    that was an very good gameplay! nice 🙂

  13. Bojan Bijelić

    t49 is so fun to play 😀

  14. Dávid Kürtösi

    Goood Job very goood! 😀

  15. Riiko Junior

    What name wn8 mod pls help?

  16. Jakub Nopek


  17. without

    the "boom" at the finish of the battle is really really annoing i hate these kind of peoples that write "boom" when they kill someone…..

  18. MT 534


  19. Kostis Pap

    just a question. how to do you set up your aim target to be a single dot without the circle around (the circle confuse me)? i have went to options in game-third person & first person sniper, i have put circle but the circle around the dot still exists! if you know please help. thanks

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