World of Tanks – T95 – 10 Kills – 9.5k Damage – slowcarry [Replay|HD]

• World of Tanks (WoT) – T95 – 10 Kills – 9.5k Damage – slowcarry – Ace Tanker – Pool’s & Kolobanov’s medal
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  1. Cris Habel

    cuililycuililycuilily jajajajaja

  2. 披在癢

    poor E75

  3. Tre Nac

    This guy was terrible. why post?

  4. loskisiello

    how the f his know that arty is on his back at 9:13 ? and ofc 4:57 …. wtf

    reaply of cheats , pathetick

  5. Ortalionowy Wiesław

    Key to victory is good suport m53 end t54e1. nice dance with Ferdinand . :]

  6. ramairgto72

    5:50 his rectile is doing some shady shit.
    Unless this is a play back issue, it looks like an aim bot.

  7. Rick van Boven

    what is the modlink of all tge medals he earned which popped up

  8. Manfred Von Richthofen

    Autist team died in 4 minutes, GJ T95 and T54E1

  9. Minh Khoa Nguyen

    the doom of all dooms

  10. Дэнчик Тёмыч

    при этом всём, этот бой у него не рекордный по опыту на этом танке ))))

  11. Thomas Müller

    Das wird der Gulasch sich aber freuen, endlich mal die Doom Turtle zu sehen.

  12. Chris G

    How the fuck did this faggot not get killed? Game is NOTHING like this.

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