World of Tanks || T95 MEGA SCOUT

World of Tanks – T95 MEGA SCOUT – Boberdog shows us how to scout in the American T9 tank Destroyer and slowest tank in the game… The T95!

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  1. alpha hunter


  2. Jesse Coon

    It's a TING 95

  3. icejfish wer

    "release the turtle"
    " sir the turtle releases itself"


    1 person always has to die and mess up the perfect sweep.

  5. Martin Nassimi

    2017:T95 gots a Speed buff. Now he can spot even more:)

  6. Kurt Meins

    jayhawkin bluebelly done the tank proud. awesome vid QB.

  7. Austin Turner

    Cant stop Laughing!

  8. Possibly_Pos

    can't do this now ;(

  9. Matthew Ang

    "Pvt: Sir…We got a problem…"
    "Cpt: What is it, Private?"
    "Pvt: We have spotted a scout…Apparently it's very slow…"
    "Cpt: Let me see it…That's not a Scout…That's a Doom Turtle!"
    "Pvt: What should we do!?"
    "Cpt: Tell the others to go back. We'll flank it."
    "Noob: Fires HEAT at the T95"
    It was at this moment that the enemy knew…

    They Fucked up…So badly

    Zero fucks given by the T95

  10. Jeff Peddie

    I have 12k in a Type 4 Heavy

  11. Emerald Guardian93

    T95 crew be like: " Hey guys, is it raining outside?"

  12. Jan Štos

    now you know that speed is not matter

  13. Gabriel Wilder

    Can you do a review on the t25 at

  14. Grigoris Líbal

    7:03 was someone knocking on his door? -That would explain the cut

  15. Jakub Rathouský


  16. como2277

    this HAS to be the single best replay i MAYBE have ever seen, Boberdog, 07 to you sir, and QB's reactions were epic..

  17. Omega Alpha

    I think I know which of my future lines is going to be

  18. Game Smile

    AKA normal experience when you have AT 8 and dropped into tier VIII battle…

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