World of Tanks: Tank Guides – Valentine – S3 E22

World of Tanks: Tank Guides - Valentine - S3 E22

World of Tanks: Strategy – Valentine

Nethervoid: In this episode of World of Tanks: Strategy Series I talk about the Valentine. It’s a good tier 4 light tank. In this video I go over combat tactics and strategy, tank attributes, module upgrades, equipment choices, consumables, and crew specific to the Valentine. After talking about tank specifics and strategy, I hop in a couple games to show you the strategy in action.

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World of Tanks is an FPS style, arcade tank simulator where 2 teams of 15 tanks annihalate each other. It’s free to play with a cash shop for bonuses.


  1. robb.holloway

    Going up the valentine line instead of the Matilda helps the horrendous stock grind on the Churchill I, not as good of a tank but I'd rather have an average tier 4, than a tier 5 heavy with a tier 2 gun for the first 20 or so matches

  2. Rakesh Boodoo

    valentine better than the matilda ….. u were trolled sir

  3. goldslayday

    all i remember from my low teir games were ramming those poor things

  4. Dylan Hilton

    This tank is crap. every tank in every match i can't penetrate any FUCKING TANK! 

  5. photomorti

    i would buy it if it wasnt so anoiyingly slow 

  6. Yuzu Gaming

    Nice Valentine!! I'm thinking about buying that thing too!!!! I have like 2569 XP so I'm getting closer. That vid made me want the Valentine even more!!!

  7. Joseph_Studio

    another reason for the valentine is because when you want to unlock the churchill I the XP cost less

  8. Blackfinch101

    Interesting review and I liked a what of what was said. I would however disagree with the comment about consumables. They are expensive relative to income for the tank at this level, but firstly you don't need to use them, they can be pulled off and put on the next tank, and sometimes, that 3k spent fixing your tank in a pinch is the difference between an ok game with one or two kills or bagging a top gun. You need to be alive to secure kills, and repair kits especially keep you alive.

  9. Blackfinch101

    my comment would be that in a tank on tank battle the Matilda is the bane of the Valentine. Overall though, I must say I prefer the valentine. Its a little faster, a shade more stealthy, and has a better gun.

  10. K_A

    I agree with a few comments here, Matilda rocks Valentine any day. Medium 3 was a pain in the butt, but once I got to the Matilda and the top gun it was awesome! Even got me Steel Wall in a few tier V games. Slow as a snail but especially when matched in a tier IV game, you're gonna see A LOT of bounces off from your hull while penning everything and anything that comes in your way.

  11. Dylan Decaire

    The Matilda is way better than the valentine the Matilda also has the same armour as the kv1 75mm on the front and sides and I have also have killed teir 6 tanks with my Matilda

  12. Alan Z

    matilda has better armor and the gun has more pen and fires faster though lass damage per shot. i would if gotten the matilda if the medium 3 wasn't so annoying to play.

  13. waveman99

    Hmm. Well to each his own. I had thought that most of those who like the Lee were just not too far along any of the tech trees, and so didn't know that there were so many better tanks out there, but I sort of have a prejudice. Probably because I know how easy they can be to kill. Lol.

  14. Zak B

    Amx 13 75, its my only 7 but i have a bunch of t6

  15. Chance Thomas

    Lol splat a20 was on his team I am in that clan it is the second part of or king reapers Splat
    It is a good game

  16. nether vvoid

    I just bought it so yeah i'm working on it. 😉

  17. Dr. Sharp Saw

    And… BooOOOoM you're dead!!! 😀

  18. brendan/ / /

    There's a difference from the prem. gold Valentine and the Brit Valentine.

  19. Olismith27

    You're damn right we don't! Fact: All tanks since the Centurion have to come with AFV facilities (pretty much a kettle) so we can make tea.

  20. gh847

    can you do a strategy video on the churchill I

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