1. Pandás

    Windows xp xDDD

  2. Elmer Salonga

    can i use this app in War Thunder as well?

  3. beating to death

    didnt work

  4. Matty Splatty

    its not working for me can u tell me why i did evrything the way u did it i did it with 2 tanks jagdpanzer4 and pz 1c u can u do it for 9.20 plz or im gonna be pissed

  5. Aigars Millers

    to fast speech type for me – but works 100%, thats fun way to make ur tank look cool, did it at first try – works for me in 9.20

  6. Reeves

    For me in 9.20 doesnt work help please

  7. Wyatt Frank

    It wont let me drag the file into paint what do I do?

  8. Philipp Maringer

    Thank you so much! It is still working on 9.19

  9. Tyler Galileo

    I only have half a tank in the selected camouflage 🙁

  10. LC Créations

    i can see the new texture only when i zoom on my tank please help