World of Tanks || Tension

World of Tanks || Tension

World of Tanks – T-54 Lightweight. Today I’m playing the T9 Soviet light tank the T-54 Lightweight in a tense round!


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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code „QUICKYBABY4WOT“ to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, 500 gold, 7 days premium, and a gun laying drive!


  1. QuickyBaby

    Here's the "Load the Gold" gold foil t-shirt available for 1 week only!

  2. DanBi_

    got my comment deleted becouse i said that jews are assholes, what did i say wrong?

  3. Kieran Coleman

    I would of killed myself after that

  4. Loco Motives

    The large repair kit should have a cool down of 60 seconds as an added incentive to purchase it.

  5. Thomas Nyvell

    Hello all you ordinary folk/players like me out there and also Hello all you experts out there. I can see from the commentaries that most of the latter folks i greeted is the ones writing in here. 😉 This is my first time commenting on QB channel and this will probably not be a habit. 🙂 It's a pain in the ass writing english on a iPad with swedish settings, you should know, especially when the swedish autospelling is on. 😉 So if you see any funny words popping up, have a laugh and enjoy yourselfs. 🙂
    First of all i want you all to know that i am from Sweden so english is not my first/native language. I understand it quite well, most of the times anyway 😉 but i hope you excuse any faults my writing skills, and there will be many. 🙂
    The reason i'm writing this comment is a section in QB,s comment where he (and QB, please answer my comment if you wish/want to and help shatter the mist that lay the never ever answered question HOW the heck WG thought when they did the planning of the the 2 separate platforms and why they are programmed so totally different? It's NOT only because of the differenses in the hardwares, i want fall for that argument ;-)) I've studied computersience my self and i can't see any "red line" in the planning between the different platforms. And this CAN be major problem for players going from one platform to another (like me!) if the gamesettings differ TO much between the games, wich I think They do between Blitz and the PC version.
    QB where talking about "rechargeble kits" in the comments i reacted to and want to adress here. The possitively, allmost surprised, way he commented on those "new" function made me understand that he must never had played Blitz. Because in Blitz version, as long as i have been playing the game (2014) those kits has ALWAYS worked that way! And allways have been and is still is a LOT cheaper to use than in the PC version. So WHY has WG not installed the same functions YEARS ago in the pc version?

  6. kartetse

    Righteous rant QB – you have my support.

  7. magna86

    Ccc …

  8. BCarey1970

    tryed to pay to win but a loss.. lol

  9. Praveen Arivuselvan

    Well played man

  10. Rashil Dudhara

    please make a tank review for T26E3 – American tier 7 premium medium tank

  11. M Khalif Azhari

    dear mr qb,

    IF you have extra money, can you send me a not so bad premium tank bcus im in a money crisis on world of tanks because my comet isnt fully upgraded yet so i always get bad games so i need something to get my money quickly…

  12. Duo Wang

    reroll your account again~ I am joking~I am joking

  13. Farkasvezer

    And say light tanks not Op they are badly OP now.

  14. jimmy van coevorden

    guys, omg consumption i really like this result heawtily liability

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