World of Tanks – That Escalated Quickly

In which Fiq_GR has to strap on his man pants and carry his team against six enemies, and then things take a sudden turn for the unexpected…


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  1. nyuuchan356

    4 HP, 4,444 Damage.
    I see a pattern there. Everything points to death, lol.

  2. Neurofied Yamato

    OMG yes! I grinded for Tiger in closed Beta. Got King Tiger. Then RUSSIAN BIAS! Switched to soviet in release. Got to KV-1S. Really good tanks but the German tanks is just too alluring. Went right back and got a king tiger 😛

    Very exciting game, good job to the Tiger I driver.

  3. Fred Fadungy

    June 6th… D Day… 🙂 remember those that gave ALL..

  4. Papa Stalin

    I thought he was calling the Fiq 'thicc' the whole match

  5. Emily the Neko

    I got world of tanks to get the leo 1

  6. M W

    2 meters…

  7. Les Vosloo

    Actually wanted the Tiger and Sherman.. Then just got hooked.. (well most of the time still like to play my Matilda)

  8. Birk Iversen

    Chocolate attitude wooden loss body capital attraction knowledge living.

  9. Tyler Christensen

    I need new pants….

  10. Jerry Keling

    i started WOT to play the M4

  11. Maurice

    9:49 what are retard Hummel player – ROFL!!!!!

  12. comando160

    IKV may not have a good view range but it has THE BEST camo rating when not firing, correct me if im wrong, Nice replay btw, like!

  13. Dan Harold

    Actually Jingles, since the tiger does have camo, even shitty camo, for the gw to spot the tiger, the tiger would have to be even closer

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