World of Tanks – The Easy 8

Download World of Tanks:

March To Victory:

· Daily bonuses for logging into the game

· Including 50,000 credit daily log-in bonus

· Tiered bonuses: Equipment every 5 days

· Premium Tanks every 30 days (including a Tier VII Su-122-44 for logging in 60 days)

· Premium Time and more bonuses simply for logging into the client.

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  1. Arek Kostin

    I can't remember for sure, but I believe I killed you on WoT, but as I said I don't remember for sure, but thats only if u play WoT on the Xbox 360

  2. JrFreak300

    I love my E8 on Heroes and Generals… I usually do pretty well with it.

  3. Master Of awesomeness

    Or in other words get rekezzzzz


  4. Alex Lipinski

    Fuck this war thunder is better

  5. Anthony Ross

    Love the WoT content! More please and hopefully see u on the battle field! I'll be the guy in the T1 heavy attempting to go hull down for the win!

  6. Will Coleman

    Devil do you plan on doing a video on the Jumbo?

  7. bloodfan3

    i love my E8 

  8. Aqlan 7

    want platoon tier 8 with me?

  9. Banhael

    anyone else think of Gundam when they saw the title?

  10. will mendez

    What happened to cig 5 R.E.D WWII?

  11. Ryan Beatty

    Hey Devildog, could you play some more city life? That drunk drivers one was hilarious.

  12. ThisIsCertainlyNotMyNameSoDontEvenBotherReadingThisTextItsProbablyWorkingOnYourNervesRightNow

    I love that tank

    when I'm driving my KV-2 XD

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